Romantic Golden Maternity - Kaitlynn & Gevante


Kaitlynn & Gevante are dear sweet friends of mine who I have known for many years now. When Kaitlynn approached me about taking her maternity photos I was jumping with joy! I was so excited because I had not done a maternity session before this but have always hoped to have the chance to… & here it was! I knew right away this was going to be a special shoot and wanted everything to be perfect for the both of them!

With everything in life there are always trials! & BOY did we run into a few. Maybe trials is a little harsh to say but if I told you this shoot went smooth as butter id be lying. For starters Kaitlynn text me day of… her car died after she was getting out of having her make-up done (eeek because of time, we were shooting that evening and needed to be aware of how much daylight we had). Secondly we forgot the flowers… (only we know the real secret here!!) and what… RAIN ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOT? Yes, this all happened. So okay nothing too dramatic but enough to make you panic and say are we going to be able to pull this off today?

The car and the weather were both out of our control but thank goodness it all came together! There’s an old saying whenever something good is going to happen trials will be put in your way, its how you handle them that determines your outcome!

Kaitlynn got her car situation fixed and we had a dry beautiful maternity shoot! YAY!!!

Thankfully Kaitlynn and Gevante were so flexible and open to my spontaneous ideas. I hope they know how thankful I am for that. From Kaitlynn’s first idea being a Beach Maternity Shoot, to a final decision of keeping it close to home in this beautiful hidden golden field. I don’t think it was until the day of that Kaitlynn really fell in love with the location I had found.

They were happy, I was happy. Sometimes you just have to have faith that everything will work out in the end! & for this shoot… I couldn’t have wished for it to be better!!

“Blessed to call you a friend but even more excited to call you a mama!"

So a BIG thanks you to Kaitlynn and Gevante! The shoot was filled with love and laughter and I’m so happy I got to capture a special time in your guys life. I know you are going to be such amazing parents to little Greyson.

Thank you again!!! xoxox