How I got into Photography


On the gloomiest of Saturday’s, Daniel and I headed out to our favorite winery in the Temecula Valley Wine Country, Leoness. Little did I know I was about to capture my all time favorite photo! Might I mention this photo (to this day)... is RAW. I decided to never edit because I remember the way I felt when I took a look at my camera that day. I couldn't believe how beautiful these photos were and the fact that I took them?! I think I drooled over this one image in particular for the rest of the evening. I loved the colors, the location, (the person hehe) overall just everything about the image.

For those who don't know my back story let me give you a little insight. Upon graduating from FIDM I had always had a camera in my hand... not by choice and not for portrait photography. I am a graphic designer and many of the jobs I had up until now required me to shoot the products for our editorials. This went hand in hand with design because I was able to visualize the design and shoot the photos accordingly. Little did I know that my days of photography were closer to heart than imagined. At the time I was so focused on building my graphic design portfolio and getting in with the right company that I had no idea how much I truly enjoyed the camera.

It wasn't until this year you guys. January of 2017, at the winery with Daniel (my boyfriend). This was the photo that lit my fire. This was the day I knew I wanted to invest in better equipment. I had a plan, I knew the education I needed to put behind it all, I knew I LOVED natural light photography and I knew I would be able to tie photography in with my graphic design career, so that was it. From there I ran with it! I did my research... and TONS of it. I read everything I could read. Followed and studied photographers who have the exact style I like. I invested in education under 2 (in my opinion) of the best natural light photographers on the market and from there started shooting!

Crazy to think I am ONLY 6 months in to this but in the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to photograph couples, families, children, maternity, new borns and influencers (bloggers). I know this is only true because of the education I have put behind myself and for my support system. You are limitless with education!!! If there is ONE piece of advice I can offer to anyone it is to never stop learning. Every week I dedicate one night (or more if I can fit it in) to my online photography classes. Here I study everything from shooting, editing, posing, lighting and SO much more.

If you made it this far thanks for sticking around and reading my little back story. I am forever grateful for all the support from my family, friends and ESPECIALLY the guy in the photo below. I would be lying if I said he wasn't my biggest supporter! 

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