On a Personal Note



First off, if you are here let me say thank you! I appreciate you being here. If this is not your first time here you may notice this blog post is much different from the rest. If this is your first read, I think this is a good get to know me!


Im Darian. 24. I have a sweetheart of 3 years. Too much love for dogs. I cant start a day off with out breakfast, black coffee and green super food. I never leave the house without 2 types of drinks, usually oj & coffee. I have a commute of 2 and a half hours a day that I really don't mind at all! I love to take pictures and I mean of EVERYTHING. By day I am a graphic designer for REVOLVE and FWRD and by night and weekend I am building on my photography business. I google everything. I love listening to educational podcast's/ audio books. I write everything down and have notes all over the place. My favorite colors are baby pink and gold (hence the website). It doesn't matter how hot out it is I will always be wrapped up in a blanket, even at work! I love going to bed early. Before 8pm on a work night? Consider me happy! Mexican food is my FAVORITE. If I could have it for every meal I would! I have this crazy obsession with Paris. If I could live there, I would be gone yesterday! I have 4 siblings and 5 nieces and nephews. I'm 5 foot but I tell everyone I am 5'1 (hehe). I can honestly and truly say I love my job, the people I work with and that I really enjoy working!


I dream of going skydiving, going to Greece, photographing an entire wedding, riding in a helicopter, going horseback riding, owning a home, having reallllly long hair (random but still on the list), photographing a surprise engagement, volunteering at CHOC hospital and being published in a local magazine for design or photography.


My favorite things are dogs, photographs, purses, vino, bonfires, camping, Mexican food, pink nails, nude lipstick, coffee, orange juice, chic fil a breakfast burritos, the Mission Inn in Riverside, Castello Di Amorosa in Nappa CA, curly hair, pillows and blankets and dressing up.

If you made it this far whoa! That was a lot of information. But in a nutshell that is who I am!

I would love to know more about YOU! If you have a website or blog drop it in comment section below so I can follow you too!! I love finding new blogs to read and add to my list. 

(a special thank you to Jenna Kutcher for being such an inspiration to me. If you want to know more about this amazing women check her out here http://jennakutcher.com/ )

Thanks again!! :)