FREE Custom Light & Airy Preset


Over the past year I have received so many emails and messages asking 'Darian, how do I get my photos light, bright and airy like yours?" Since so I decided to share with you all my custom Light & airy preset for Light room.

This is a custom preset that is sure to get you started to Lighter, Brighter, Airy photos. Use this preset as a base and adjust as needed.

PRO TIP: After you have achieved the best Light & Airy edit for your photo, go back in with your brushes to soften the skin, brighten the irises, remove teeth stain and pop some color into that beautiful bouquet of flowers. These few adjustments will take a good photo and make it great!

You've used the preset?

What did you think? I would love to hear from you!

Share your photos with us in the Exclusive Darian Shantay Community facebook page. Each month I will be featuring one photographers photos using the preset on my blog! 

Can't wait to see your beautiful work!!

Cheering you on always - Darian