Robyn & King



This beauty right here is Robyn and her horse King. What an incredible night this was for me. If you know me at all you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE horses. It wasn't until this year that I finally got the opportunity to ride one. It was one of the best experiences of my life. So, you could imagine how excited I was about this session.

Although I had ridden a horse jus a few months back, nothing could have prepared me for the horses at this ranch. 1 I wasn't expecting to see SO many and 2 they were HUGE! It really put in perspective for me how small the horse was that I rode up in Northern California. 

These animals were incredible to interact with. Robyn was finishing up her shift when I got to the ranch so I took some time to hangout and see how they care for the horses. I saw them getting bathed, being brushed out and even having a few snacks too. They are all so snacky. The workers will be walking with them and then CHOM they needed a bite of grass... haha

Robyn is the TINIEST little thing and she was still able to get up on her horse like it wasn't 16 feet tall! Ok maybe it wasn't that tall... but I actually think it was! We threw her in a pretty dress and up she went. There were even a few photos we got of her standing on the horse! You could just see how much trust they had within one another. It was incredible! 

If you live in Chino Hills or surrounding areas, make sure to put Prado Park Equestrian Center on your bucket list for you and the family. The people couldn't have been friendlier and the horses are alllll worth it. Not to mention the rates are VERY affordable.

thank you Robyn & King