Outdoor Fitness Photo Shoot


Let me start off by saying I have SOOOO many favorites but this session right here is now sure at the top! I had such a wonderful time with this amazing lady, Lana Lawrence. I was so excited when she had contacted me and was interested in doing a fitness session. I myself have always been very active but it wasn't until I met Lana that I was so inspired to just DO MORE and take better care of myself. She shares in home workouts, healthy meal options, daily tips and so much more on her website, instagram and facebook (I will share her info at the end of this post) - I haven't even told you the best part... SHE IS A MAMA OF 2!!! You guys to me that is SO inspiring. 2 very young littles but still manages to take such great care of herself, home, family and relationship. I think its so wonderful to come across people like this to really remind ourselves how capable we truly are when we put our heart into something we are passionate about. Below are a few of my top favorite shots from our session. Her sweet family even jumped in on a few shots too (WARNING major cuteness overload on the last photo)

I hope you all enjoy!!!!

Lana Lawrence Website: http://lanalawrence.net/

Lana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LanaLawrence.02

Lana Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_lanalawrence/