Your clients will THANK YOU later! - FREE Call Sheet guide

I can't remember the last time I didn't use a call sheet for one of my photo-shoots. I early on implemented this small 10 min guide for every session I booked. It was a way to assure myself that my clients would:

1 - have the correct location address

2 - know the exact arrival and start time

3 - have directions, parking information and a meet up location

4 - know what they need to bring

5 - have detailed list on what to expect for the day

The reason I started using this process for myself was because back in my college days I used to be an assistant stylist on photo-shoots for Laguna Beach and Newport Beach magazine. We ALWAYS had a call sheet and it was such a great way to hold every accountable. I remember how it made me feeling receiving the call sheet. I knew I was always going to have the PDF in my email to reference if I needed the address, phone numbers and most importantly NAMES of people I was going to be working with. That was a HUGE plus for me.

Of course most photo sessions will not have a huge team and will not require tons of information from other people. This is where you can customize the guide in a way that will work for you. Often I will include a mini timeline to keep myself and my clients on schedule if it is a shoot that we will be doing multiple outfit changes for. This also puts the idea in their head of what to expect from the shoot beforehand. 

I hope you find this guide as useful as I do! Its a great way to brand yourself and trust me your clients are going to love you for the little extra effort too!