How I keep a Healthy Balance


Hey Friends! Happy Friday! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and that you are wrapping up the week on a positive note! I know I am and I want to tell you why...

We are all Human, we all face challenges but ultimately we all have the ability to make small changes now for healthier more balanced lives down the road!

This was a TOUGH week for me.I had a lot of close-call deadlines and have been working day to day on features. The norm for my work load is we work a week or further ahead. So having features due next day called for a lot of late nights at the office and LOTS of stress. Not to mention once I am done at the office, I head home to edit on sessions, work on my blog for you all and touch on my website as well. I was under so much stress this week that I didn't have the energy to even touch on my editing this week! IT'S BEEN INSANITY around here.

The positive part is here we are. It's Friday. I pushed through and made it passed those hard days. & I took a lot a way from the challenges those days held as well. I think that was the most important part of this week. Although it was hard and stressful, I was able to find a takeaway. Takeaways that will help me at work in the future and on upcoming projects. Without struggle we can not grow. Without growth we will never change!

In the midst of the week I decided to do something new. This was all thanks to my co-workers inspiring me. After work they all workout and use Fitbit's during their workouts, to track nutrition and stay on top of daily goals. Something about them all talking Monday morning really inspired me so I went out and got myself a Fitbit too! 

I have always loved working out and trying to do the best I can for my body but as the years have come it without a doubt has become harder and harder for me. I am the type of person that loves to be held accountable and also is competitive with myself. When its only you though it is much harder.

I am day 3 in with my new Fitbit and you guys it really is SO great! Here are a few things it has helped me with so far:

- staying on top of drinking 75 fl oz of water a day

- hitting 10,000 steps (equal to about 4 - 5 miles a day)

- staying under or at 1,200 calories a day (this is reflecting your profile & goals!)

- having a better understanding of nutrition (calories, sugars etc) that I didn't quite know before

- hourly get up and move reminders

+ a lot more!!! It also has features that help you understand your sleep patterns, workout challenges within the app (oh YES theres an amazing app too!)




How I keep a Healthy Balance 

So if you clicked on this blog post its probably because you are similar to me and want to know what it is that works for me in keeping a Healthy Balance between 2 jobs, personal life, sanity and everything in between. Of course this is  a work in progress but none the less this is what I have found that shows results and I really believe it will work for you too!


1. Plan Ahead

- I keep a calendar. I got mine from the cute brand Sugar Paper at target. This baby stays with me everywhere I go. I write out all my bills for the month, appointments, photo sessions, classes, birthdays EVERYTHING. Its small and easy for me to always keep in my purse. Sunday night I always look at my week ahead to get an idea of what I have going on. THEN I take each day one at a time. One-day-at-a-time is KEY!


2. Set yourself a Timeline

- For example on Monday I will wake up and workout from 5:30-6am. Get ready from 6-7am. REVOLVE from 8am-5pm. Return home at 6pm. Workout, dinner and family time from from 6-8pm. Work on personal business projects from 8-10pm and after 10pm I have to rest. Then for Tuesday I might substitute a workout for a longer work night. All depending on my goals for the week. Having a schedule like this really helps to keep you on track and complete projects or tasks you have set for yourself at the beginning of the week.


3. Moderation

- A small example for me is instagram and all social accounts. They can be very time consuming and especially at night you can get lost and end up an hour in! Its affected my schedule in the passed. I would stay up late because I was on IG and then found myself brainstorming new ideas. I moderate my social media time by only using it for business 10-20 mins a day and thats it! At night when I am ready to relax and call it a night, the phone is off and put away. It has helped me so much with falling asleep quicker and to just help my brain unwind from the day.


4. Choose Where to spend your Time

 - My top 4 are Family, Daniel, Work (REVOLVE + Personal) and Exercise. These are the 4 areas in my life that are most important to me and that I want to make time for every single day. Of course you could say Friends, Leisure etc but to me those aren't an every day category for me. My time with my family is most valuable. My relationship with Daniel is my life! Work to keep this life going round and Exercise because without our Health we can't live our lives to the fullest potential!


5. Stay Consistent 

- This is where I follow through. The above can't happen unless you are willing to make the best out of your life. Depending on your life and circumstances your 4 steps might look a little different from mine and that is perfectly fine. But I promise you with planning ahead, setting goals, taking life in moderation and having a plan on where to spend your time and energy YOU will live a more healthy & balanced life!