What Inspired Me In The Kitchen


I am going to be blatantly honest with you all and say I am a 0 in the kitchen! Eeek! & it is so terrible. I really wish I could cook. I just have no motivation to and anytime I try I have NO idea where to start, or what i'm doing... Anyone else feel the same? If so this is for you!

I came across this company Hello Fresh from a close friend who is pretty much in the same boat as myself. Doesn't cook much at all so because of that my attention was caught. I was curious and wanted to know what this was all about. At first I assumed it was a meal prep service that sent you pre-made meals... but I was wrong! 

The first shipment I received was to my surprise! They sent specially designed boxes with insulating liners, ice packs, and cooling material to keep the food as cool as possible. There were separate bags for every meal. Every bag had EVERY ingredient needed to make the meal, as well as step-by-step instructions from start to finish. I was a little worried when I saw this. I was thinking to myself... I still have to cook all of this?? I went for it anyway.

The meals I chose were anywhere from 15-35min meals - meaning a total of 15-35min to prep and cook the entire meal. If you really think about it that is FAST for a full made healthy dinner.

My first shipment started out with 3 meals for 2 people. A total of 3 days of full dinners! When I made my first meal I was nervous, running around the kitchen, back and forth from the oven, to the stove, to the cutting board. I ended up with stuffed bell peppers,  ground turkey and rice - which ended up turning out REALLY good!!! I'm being honest when I say they really make it impossible to fail.

Let me remind you again... I DO NOT COOK. I wouldn't have been able to make these meals without the guidance of Hello Fresh. I really wouldn't have. In the end I really ended up having so much fun and actually DID learn a lot with just my first meal! It gave a want to learn more and get more creative in the kitchen. Not to mention Daniel was REALLY happy about it all as well. He's the cook between the two of us so this definitely gave him a break.

After telling my family about my new find, we ended up finding out that our family had a bigger need for Hello Fresh than just myself and Daniel. My grandparents, who are a lot older and a little ways from us could really benefit from this service. You choose your weekly meals from breakfast's, lunches and dinners all online and they deliver everything right to your doorstep. This means NO grocery shopping, NO missing out on a specific product, NO hassle! It has been a huge help for myself and really has shown to be super helpful for my family too. 

Lastly, you might be wondering... well how is the food? The food is SO great! It's all Fresh! You really have nothing to lose. Plus you ultimately are making the food yourself so if you did want to add an extra ingredient here or there you have the freedom to do so unlike a pre-made meal!

All in all I truly really do like Hello Fresh because of the simplicity. They make it easy and convenient for me to stay on track with healthy meals during the week. I don't have to worry about going grocery shopping (for the bulk of my meals). They deliver to me. They provide the instructions. They send allllll of the ingredients. It just makes so much sense for me and my busy lifestyle.

Thank you Hello Fresh for inspiring me in the kitchen and making the whole process seemingly easy!

Anyone interested in trying Hello Fresh can get $40 off your first order using the link below my Hello Fresh image!

Thank for stopping by guys! I hope this inspires you to try something new in the kitchen or to venture out and give Hello Fresh a try too!!