Are you living for the now?




In a world so heavily involved with social media, I wanted to share my perspective on living in the moment. As much as I love social media and all the fun it can bring, I think it's so important that we remember to be conscious and aware of how we are truly spending our time. After all none of us really know how much time we have, so why don't we cherish the moment?


Being able to share with family and loved ones, with just one click of a button is so great to me. My grandparents who are in their 70's are on face-book and can see what I am doing and be in the know. For reasons like this I find it to be truly wonderful. 


When we go somewhere new or are getting to experience something fun we often like to share on our instagram, snapchat and face-book. But how much is too much?


I ask this because my boyfriend and I stayed at the Paséa Hotel in Huntington Beach last night. If you are not familiar with the area, this hotel is within feet of a very nice outdoor dining and shopping mall. At night people hangout at the Bungalow which is an outdoor, indoor lounge and bar that overlooks the ocean. It. Is. Beautiful. We spent the evening with friends and shared some laughs over a few drinks. I couldn't help but look around that night at all the people who had their phones to their face. In a large setting of friends, there they were, maybe scrolling instagram or browsing face-book. I couldn't help but think, why were they really here? We were surrounded by friends, we had a BEAUTIFUL view, the weather was perfect but these people were missing all of this. Were they truly here? Were they taking in the moment? 


Now don't get me wrong, its great to snap a photo and share with friends but again how much is too much?

I have a rule for myself when I go out. I have this because I TOO can get caught up in my phone but this helps me truly live in the moment. 

Say Daniel and I were going to dinner. We sit down, we order, our drinks come and we both do a little cheers. I tell him I want to share this quick and then my phone goes away! He usually is up for it. I'll snap a cute photo of him for the instaStory (only) and away the phone goes. If I decide to take a picture to share, (as in post on the timeline) then I take the picture and away the phone goes. I never post on my instagram or face-book feed in real time. Stories only and this is why...

When I am in the moment at dinner or at an outing with friends what good is it doing me to take 5 to 10 mins to post a photo, write out a caption and share? It keeps me from my company, I'm possibly missing out on conversation and its really bad manners. Now saving my photo to post later on lets me enjoy my night, converse with the people around me and gives me something special to write about later. Lets be honest, no one truly cares to see that you've posted in real time. It means nothing to anyone except possibly you. 

 Friday morning view from the Paséa Hotel - Hunitngton Beach, CA

Friday morning view from the Paséa Hotel - Hunitngton Beach, CA


So the advice I am trying to give out of all of this is, please, enjoy the moment you are in. Talk with the people around you, make conversation, learn something new about them, disconnect,



Be present. Enjoy the now. Happy Friday everyone. 

How are you going to live in the moment right now? This weekend? Give it a try and share with me below what it taught you!