4 Tips - No More Dreaded Monday's


Happy Monday (... well Wednesday) all! I hope your week is off to a good start. If it is not, you're in just the right place! I have 4 tips to share with you, which keep me motived each and every week & help start my Monday off just right!!

This passed weekend was the 4th of July and for most of us this meant a 4 day weekend! Oh wasn't it great? I came into work today and everyone was talking about how re-set they felt. This is a great feeling and one that just doesn't happen often enough.

Starting off my morning I had thought a lot about how I wanted to write this blog post today & this is what I came up with. What’s our number one problem? Your number one problem? We never have enough time, right?! Isn’t that the reason behind why we dread Monday’s? We didn’t have a long enough weekend or we didn’t get enough done. We just needed more time! If only we had more time and Monday didn’t come so soon. Well I have a solution. It is little but it is mighty and it has worked wonders for me. I’m going to jump right in…



I can't stress to you enough, the importance on getting ahead of the little things in your life! You have a list a mile long of things you need to finish around the house don't you? Laundry, dishes, clean the car, clean the house, bathe the dogs. The list goes on and on - at least for me it does. But nothing gets under my skin more than not getting these things done over the weekend and those chores spilling into my week! Eeeek! I can already feel my stress levels rising. Quick and easy solution? Make a list of everything you need to accomplish over the weekend. In the order of importance from most important to least important. From here write out a few of these chores to do each day. My list may look something like so - Friday night: clean room, do dishes - Saturday: fold laundry, clean living room - Sunday: take dog to groomer, clean car. When you spread out the chores like this the list doesn't seem so intimidating. You just might get more done than anticipated! 



Set realistic goals that you can accomplish in the (near) future. This can be day to day or week to week. Try not to shoot for "I hope to get that guest room cleaned out this month" - you know you will either 1 forget or 2 just never get around to it. Pick a day this weekend and break it down. For me this is as simple as making sure I set time aside to clean my car every Sunday evening. This may sound silly to some but I am in my car an awful lot! I've got a nice commute both ways to and from the office so a clean car puts me in a good mood come Monday morning! It's a little thing that makes a huge difference for me. Setting that Sunday goal to always have time to clean up the car is small but mighty!



This can be a schedule, a timeline, anything that will help you stay accountable to follow through. Here is a little visual in depth of what a day might look like - 

Saturday Game plan: I want to get a workout in, study, do chores, go to the store, get groceries, spend time with Daniel (my boyfriend), go out at night, run some errands but how do I find the time to do all of this? Easy timeline.


7am - wake up, make bed, make coffee

730-830am - workout/run

830-9am - study (read, educational book, bible)

9-930am - household things (dishes, fold laundry)

930-1030am - get myself ready

1030-1230pm - any personal work (photo editing, blog, website, clients) 

1230-230pm - errands (grocery shopping)

230-330pm - household things (clean bedroom/bathroom)

330-5pm - relax, enjoy the Saturday, spend time with Daniel 

5-7pm - dinner with family 

7-10pm - wind down for the day

Okay so this may be a little extreme for some but if you're anything like me I loooove a schedule. This keeps me on track. I find I am most productive this way. Anytime I make a schedule I know I am always setting myself up to get everything I need to done. This works for me not only on the weekends but the weekdays too. I do this in my personal life and my professional life! 



Lastly GET INSPIRED. It wasn't until my mentor brought to my attention the importance of knowing the worth & value of your time. I know we aren't robots and no one truly lives their everyday life by a schedule but once you put this method to the test you just might find it to work for you! Thats what I did and you guys I found time in my days I didn't even know was possible. I found time to get things done that I had once put off for months. I found time to exercise (we can all agree this is hard). I found time to relax and not have to worry. I found extra time for my side business. I’m telling you give it a shot. You have everything to gain!!! 

Well friends, now you know my 4 tips! Get ahead, Set Goals, Have a Plan & Get Inspired!!! Follow through & you will find you no longer have to dread Monday’s! I can assure that even though it’s a little painful at first (like most change in life), I feel so much better after a few weeks of commitment that I don’t want to stop, and I hope sharing this will be encouraging for you, too!