Soka University Wedding


It's finally here, my very first... (drumroll please) WEDDING!!! I can't begin to explain how incredible it feels to finally be able and write that.

The overall day was a very humbling experience for me. And here I am a week later still in ahh over the day! From the bride and groom, to their guest and everyone who contributed to make this day happen, everyone was so kind. The day was filled with so much love. I still can't believe Wee Leng & Derek chose me to be apart of their day. I am forever grateful for the both of them!

For a very long time now I have had a dream to do a photo session at Soka University. I grew up around this campus when I was younger. I had dance camps here and would get to stay in the dorms during camp week. I looked forward to this every year when I was younger and thats where my love for Soka began.

When I talked with Wee Leng on the phone for the very first time I was over the moon to hear we would be at Soka University. I knew the campus so well and immediately started brainstorming for her and Derek. I still to this day don't think they realized how excited I was to 1 capture this wedding and to 2 have it all happen at the location of MY DREAMS!!!

I am so thankful for these two and the friendship that we have made. Wee Leng and Derek are such amazing people and I wish them eternal happiness. I know I will never forget their wedding day and all the love that came with it!

Thank you Wee Leng & Derek