Happy Thanksgiving 2017


2017 has been such a wonderful year for my family, friends and loved ones. There have been more highs than lows, many successes, new beginnings, goals achieved, friends made, leaps of faith, adventures taken, blessings in disguise, times of bonding, days to relax, nights to celebrate and so much more.

What are the little things you have been extra thankful for this year? 

I am thankful for...

- Daniel. For the new adventures we have taken alongside one another. For teaching me to make a home-made pie and for being by my side every step of every day

- My family & friends for making life so wonderful, giving so much support and sharing so much love always

- My fur babies (Winston & Harrod) for bringing so much happiness and unconditional love to my life each and every day!

- My camera for giving me the opportunity to create everlasting memories for families, strangers and new found friends

- Revolve. For giving me a place to be creative each and every day. For my leaders who have helped me grow as a designer and for the company who has given me a place to call home for the passed year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May the rest of this year be one for the books... for us all!