The Ramseys


One of the biggest blessings of 2017 has been the friendships I have made with all my new clients. And without them, this year would not have nearly been as wonderful as it has been.

This is the Ramsey family and they were the sweetest ever! All mom wanted for Christmas were photos of her (not so little) babies! & thats just what they gave her.

We had such a great time getting to know one another and enjoying this beautiful park as we did!

This location was not our original plan but I am so thankful for the family on being so trusting of me. Last minute, an hour before our scheduled meet, we got news that our location was temporarily shut-down due to high fire warning. There wasn't anything we could do besides change locations or re-schedule the shoot. The family took my word and trusted in me to capture their vision, even at a completely different location. 

I think this day ended up being a blessing in disguise because mom ended up being SO happy with her final gallery. The emails I got from her thanking me made my entire year! In the end it was all worth it and we captured some beautiful forever memories.

Always trust in yourself when things don't go as planned, you just never know what your creative mind will be able to come up with!

Thank you again to The Ramseys for such a wonderful family session ❤️