- Light & Airy Lightroom Preset -

My custom light & airy lightroom preset - The perfect start to lighter, brighter, airy images


Please note, the images above were all edited with my Light & Airy Preset. In addition to finding the correct edit I will adjust my exposure, colors, clarity and highlights as need. After I achieve the best possible look for my photos, I will then soften skin, brighten irises, clear any blemishes, remove red from skin tones, and clean surrounding areas of the photo. Adding these few adjustments to your shots will take a good photo and make it GREAT!

- Photoshop & Lightroom One-on-One Training -

Want to learn more? I offer one on one editing coaching that teaches you how I edit from Start to Finish. I will let you in on all my tips & tricks... + secrets from from the industry professionals that will make your clients keep coming back! Contact me today for a free consolation! darianshantay@gmail.com