Big Bear Weekend


Our favorite way to re-set. What is your's?

A few weekends back now Daniel and I headed up to over favorite spot in Big Bear. A close to home drive but just far enough away to feel like you're away. We always look forward to weekends like this. No plans, no commitments. Just enjoying our time together and taking some time to relax! 

While we are up here some of our favorite things to do are visit the Village, have coffee at the best little Big Bear Coffee Roasting company (if you're a coffee drinker like we are.. go here!), breakfast at the Grizzly Manor Cafe (itty bitty Big Bear original - a must at least once!) , lunch at 572 Social Lounge (trust me you won't be disappointed), hangout down at Boulder Bay (great place to relax on the water, take photos, hike around the beautiful cabins, fish on the dock), we love taking walks around the streets and looking at all the beautiful cabins (picking out our dream cabin) and of course no day is complete up here without a fire in the cabin. 

This was probably our last visit up here before the snow comes in. That is a whole other trip for us. We can't wait to hit the slopes. I am pretty sure we have not stopped talking about it since last season! Only a few more short weeks and it should be time.

Big Bear always sends us home happy and looking forward to our next return. Thankful for the memories, always