Leoness Wedding


This wedding here holds a special place in my heart.

Long before I was introduced to the world of wedding photography I would come to this winery with my family. My mom and I are red wine lovers and to say the least are very particular in our taste for red wine. Leoness happens to have some of the most incredible red wine in the Temecula Valley (Doffo coming in close second). We love to spend weekends coming here for lunch, wine tasting and treating out of town family to the beautiful views this property has to offer.

We often would come here on the weekends and I would see the staff setting up for weddings. I always thought to myself, what an absolute dream it would be to get married here. The property has a view that overlooks the rolling vineyards… it is stunning!

Fast toward a few years. I am in my second year as a wedding photographer and I get introduced to Faith & Josh. Faith emailed me inquiring on wedding photography and told me how they have chosen Leoness as their venue of choice… I about DIED of happiness. I prayed with everything in me that I could offer these two all they needed for their wedding day. I couldn’t believe they were 1 getting married here and 2 were contacting ME to be their photographer. This was a DREAM COME TRUE.

The day came and it was everything and more I could’ve wished it could be (from a photographers perspective!). I had my mentor Michelle with V Tyler Photography alongside me and a good friend Amanda helping me throughout the day. I to this day am so thankful for their hard work and dedication to helping make Faith and Joshes day so special. I could not have done this without the two of them!

The venue and staff at Leoness provide such great service. We truly were so lucky to work alongside their team. It really made our job that much easier. If you’re planning and are here reading this, you might already know I am a fan but I do encourage you to look into Leoness or at least give them a visit next time you’re in the Temecula Valley + enjoy a glass of their amazing red 😉

Cheers to love!

(vendor credit below photos)