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Happy FEBRUARY every! I hope you all are having a great month. I have been extra excited the last few weeks because I am finally getting to share our second Vendor Highlight of the month with you all! Total sweethearts Cameron and Rebecca are husband and wife videographers. They are based here in SoCal and Arizona! Get ready because I know you will fall in love with not only their incredible work but them as well! Without further ado, let me introduce to you... Cam & Beck Videos!

Vendor & Company Name:

Cam + Beck Videos, Cameron & Rebecca Clark

What you specialize in:


Who you are and all that you do: 

We are a husband and wife duo! We have been married for a little over 2 and a half years. We live in Arizona and have a pup we are completely obsessed with named Kona! We both work full time jobs and do videography on the side. I work from home for a wholesale apparel company managing accounts and my husband, Cameron, works at a Porsche dealership in Scottsdale as a mechanic. 

A little about The Owner: 

I am 28 years old and my husband is 26 years old. Yup! I'm 2 years older :) No kids yet but we do plan on having some! I started doing video when I was in my late teens. I started off filming events for my mom and quickly fell in love with it! I then did a couple of wedding and then started filming for my old high school's senior video. I then stopped because I didn't have enough money to get new equipment. I got my first job at 20 years old and attended a community college in the area for a while. My filming had come to almost a complete stop and I then only filmed as a hobby. Fast forward some years when I met my husband and we became engaged! He was so tired of hearing me say how much I love video and how I wish I would get back into it so he told me to just buy what I need and start again or stop complaining forever haha :) So we invested in some new gear and he quickly fell in love with filming too! We then became Cam + Beck Videos :) And we've loved it ever since!

Tell us little something special about Cam and Beck Videos:

We film for all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, birth announcements, styled shoots, and are just getting into company branding videos!

What sets Cam and Beck Videos apart from the rest: 

We do our best to deliver a good high quality video, but most importantly, we feed off of our viewer's emotions. I want to help them to feel as if they are reliving these moments and feeling the same feelings they felt on their special day! We are so careful to choose music that best fits us but also best fits our couples. We want them to love it even more than we do! And finding music is the absolute hardest part! Sometimes it takes HOURS but when we finally find the perfect song, its the best feeling! We definitely feel like we get to know them so much more when we spend the day with them and especially when we edit their video! It becomes so special to us too! I seriously watch the videos we made over and over and over as if it were my husband and I and our family in them :) 

What about your industry do you love most?: 

A majority of our videos are weddings and we love it! Its a great reminder of our wedding day and it makes us so happy to see others happy! My favorite part about weddings is the reception dancing! Everyone is having a great time and the bride and groom are so happy! All the stress about planning is finally over and they are just letting it all hang out! You can truly see how much they love each other! 

Any big goals for 2018: 

I do plan on leaving my full time job to become a full time videographer! Fingers crossed it will be in April this year! This has been my ultimate dream and as we get closer and closer it gets so much more exciting! 

Who is your ideal bride: 

We have been so lucky to work with wonderful couples! Not once have we had a bridezilla or groomzilla :) Our ideal bide or client would be fun, easy going, and totally in love with their spouse! This makes our job so much easier and definitely makes our footage look so much better! 

What is 1 unique thing about Cam and Beck Videos:

I would say one unique thing about us is that we offer raw footage. We don't hear very often of other videographers offering raw footage. We didn't always offer it but then we got a lot of requests for fully edited videos that were 30-60 minutes in length! When we would ask what they would like in that long of a video, they mentioned that they wanted their full ceremony or full first dances. After that, we decided to start offering our couples raw footage of their special events! We have a bitter sweet relationship with it because it is soooo time consuming but after I put it all together, I always thing, how can anyone NOT have their raw footage?? Can you imaging 20 years from now and being able to watch your first dance all over again? Or even your father daughter dance and with all the original audio? Those moments are soooo sooo special! We are so happy to be able to offer that to our couples :) 

Tell us something special that goes on behind the scenes that not everyone knows about:

Something behind the scenes that happens at most events is that I always take quick photos or quick videos of my husband because I am so obsessed with him! It has been so great to be able to work with each other and luckily we get a long 99% of the time :) Other than that, we mostly go to work, clean, make dinner, take our dog to the park, and watch our multiple series of Netfilx shows or whatever show seems to be in season at the time! Right now its the Bachelor on TV and Baby Daddy on Netflix :) This is our life haha, its not super super exciting but its ours :) 

Most memorable event from 2017 for Cam and Beck Videos?

Our most memorable event was probably Javier + Kassandra's Wedding! They were soooo much fun!!! And they had the BEST DJ! When I'm having a great time I tend to over film! This couple was getting Full Day Raw Footage and usually when I delivery full day raw footage its about 1-1.5 hours long. Theirs was THREE HOURS long! I couldn't believe I recorded that much! I guess that's what happens when we're having a great time! 

Where can our brides expect to find you next?

Since we are from California, most of our 2017 weddings we in California. Now that we are in Arizona, most of our booked dates are here! We have some booked in Sedona, Flagstaff, and in the Phoenix area! We are still available for travel out of state! I think one that we are really excited for is a May wedding we have booked in Oregon! We have never been there and we hear its so pretty so we are super pumped!

What can our brides expect to receive when hiring Cam and Beck Videos:

First and foremost, our brides can expect to receive good customer service! We do our best to have prompt replies to emails, try to be as clear as possible so there's no confusion, and we definitely don't try to  oversell you! If we honestly feel that you do not need so much time or need certain A La Cart items, we will be honest and tell you! Our base packages start at $1,500 which includes up to 6 hours of coverage and a 6-8 minute fully edited video. All of our A La Carte options and pricing are up on our website for our couples convenience that way they know right away if we are within budget or not within budget. 

Anything more you would like to share about Cam and Beck Videos:

We truly love what we do! We love making people happy! Filming brings great joy to our lives! Of course it is not always easy, we make mistakes and footage is not always perfect but we definitely don't claim to be perfect! We do however promise that our videos will leave our couples so happy that they invested in a video of their own! My husband and I were not able to afford a wedding video for our wedding, ironic since we are videographers haha, so we totally know the feeling of not being able to look back on a video in the future! We do not want our couples feeling that way! We truly believe that wedding videos, birth videos, events, birthdays, etc., are totally worth it!


Contact: Rebecca Clark

Phone: 951-323-0850



Instagram: @camandbeckvideos

Facebook: Cam and Beck Videos

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