Victoria Beach Engagement


Beautiful sunset on a Sunday evening… would you believe me if I told you this beach was filled with families and little ones at this hour? There were people everywhere. Kids running behind us every other shot… times like this make me wonder how my couples are feeling. Are they stressed to see so many people here during their session? Do they have faith their photos will turn out without crowds behind them?

Of course I know what the outcome will be but sometimes its hard to ensure to them that THE PHOTOS WILL BE AMAZING.

I just wanted to share… the photos below which were FILLED with people (see the raw + edit)

Often as client its hard to ‘see’ what your photographer is seeing but let me be the one to tell you, have faith in their eye… Of course it is not ideal to shoot and have to edit so heavily but in cases like this I knew this ONE in particular shot would be a beautiful one to have, so we did it! The rest of the shots we worked around the crowds, squeezed in where we could and just made the most of it! I may be biased but I think we did pretty good considering our situation this night!

A BIG thank you is owed to Sam + Will for such a fun engagement session. July 2020 can not come soon enough!!

Cheers to love, beachside sunsets & more beautiful engagements!