Cheers to 25 🥂 New York City🗽


To have welcomed my 25th year in New York was more than I could have ever wished for. This was my second trip back to the big city and this time around I was solo! As much as I loved seeing NY for the first time with Daniel, there was something incredible about getting lost in the city on my own. I know it is a feeling I will never forget.

Have you experienced any travel on your own? If so where was it and what do you remember most about that trip?

I have traveled to many wonderful places  but New York is definitely at the top of my list. It is a wonderful place and anyone lucky enough to visit, is lucky enough!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing Central Park. It was so full of color and so vibrant! The first year we came we had a packed schedule and ended up not seeing Central Park, so it was a must for me this time and I am so happy I finally got to experience it. The second best part of my trip was all of the yummy food! From the delicious Pizza to little Eataly! You can't go wrong. 

Below are my favorite shots from the trip, from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy!!!

I can't wait until the day I can visit & see it all again.

I ♥️ NY!!!