a 2017 first!


For some reason this holiday season is feeling a little extra special, more than usual! I think this is because I have taken the time to enjoy everything that has come along with the month. From taking Christmas photos with Daniel & getting cards made, to wrapping a few extra special gifts for the family, picking out a tree (of my very own!!), to decorating, I have enjoyed it all along the way. I love lighting up my tree at night and seeing all the cute little ornaments. I picked these out especially for everything that I love in life. From travel (the passport), the camera (photography), Paris (my FAVORITE place in the whole wide world), London (an INCREDIBLE trip), wine (cause who doesn't love vino?), to gold and pink (my favorite colors!) - this was all so fun and special to me.

One very special soon-to-be yearly tradition was Daniel & I receiving our very first Christmas cards! We have been together now for 3 years and thought this was a perfect year to start them. I know this is something him and I will look forward to in the coming years. Does your family do cards? Do you remember the first ones you had made? It was fun coordinating outfits, finding a location to shoot at,  picking out the perfect card and then seeing then seeing the final product in person (not to mention the company  we ordered from did the best ever packaging) If you haven't already you should order some too!! They are fun to give out to family and friends and also make for great mini holiday gifts too!

I am looking forward to the next few weeks before Christmas. We are hoping to spend some extra time with the family, head to Big Bear for our first session of the year (snowboarding) and maybe a few photos in between because we all I know I can't help myself there!!!

Happy December everyone! I wish you all a wonderful Holiday!!