Kinsley's 1st Birthday - Cake Smash!


Happy Birthday Kinsley


When Lindsey (the mama) contacted me inquiring about a cake smash photo shoot for her sweet sweet Kinsley's first birthday I was SOO excited... can you blame me? I mean look at this baby girl. SHE IS A DOLL. Not only is she the cutest ever but she has a sister who is only a few years older who will just melt your heart! I had so much fun during our cake smash... I actually don't know who had more fun. Me or Kinsley? I mean photographing cute babies OR eating a birthday cake with your hands? You tell me! 

We had such a lucky day. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Not too cold, not too breezy. It was just right! We had a gorgeous sunset and even had some time to sneak in a few photos of mom and dad too! 

I consider myself so very lucky to have had the chance to work with this family. They were so much fun to work with and also are great friends of mine since waaay back in the day.

Lindsey is such an awesome mama. She makes me look forward to the day I become a mama too. Keep doing what you're doing Linds, you have two beautiful baby girls who are so lucky to have a mama like you!!!


I hope you all enjoy the sweetness!

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