Fall Family Photos


Sunday morning I woke up and jumped out of bed!! Everyone at home was confused and asked why I was up so early? I had just worked a 12 hour wedding the day prior and got home in the middle of the night. Usually after weddings like this I am out for the count the next day... but this day was different. I knew I was adding a lot to my plate by agreeing to do a family session the day after a wedding but I was ready for it! & I was VERY excited too which made it all worth it.

Hollie, Mike and Kylie showed up and inside I was jumping with joy  because I was 1 SO happy to finally meet them... and 2 LOOK WHAT THEY WORE! You all... if I could dream ideal clients... this right here is them! They came prepared and even had the cutest little wagon and snacks for Kylie. I was SO thankful for that. It really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Kylie was a doll. Surprisingly she was not shy at all! You never quite know what you are going to get with the littles but she couldn't have been happier! The family was so easy going and all were completely open to the location, posing, spontaneous ideas and even the few fun shots I threw out there too! I had such a great time with them. These are the sessions that I love just taking a step back and taking it all in. I met the greatest people, experienced a new location (PICTURE PERFECT at that) and now have some of the most beautiful photos to look back on. For all this I consider myself very lucky!

The day after our session I got a text from Hollie asking if I had seen the news. A BAD fire broke out right near the area we had our session. The kind of fire that keeps you indoors because the smoke is so thick. Homes were evacuated. The sky was BLACK. This went on for a full week. Hollie said something along the lines of "we chose the only non fire non hot day for our session..." and boy was this ever true. The week before our session there was a bad fire. No one expected a second and worse one just a week later. Times like this are a big eye opener for me. We were so fortunate to have picked the day we did and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are SO thankful!! Beautiful sky's, cool weather, and a picture perfect location! It was a WONDERFUL Sunday!

a few of my favorite shots &

a special thank you to the Kennedy family