Sarah & Jared



As I pulled up to my location the butterflies set in. I was nervous.... why was I nervous though? I do this all the time. I normally do this with strangers who I am just meeting for the first time. 

These weren't strangers though. These were good friends who I have know for years. Why was I nervous? Let me tell you...

It was mid day. 1 o'clock to be exact. I never shoot at this hour. I always shoot at golden hour, always! This was one of those exception sessions.

All I was thinking about was how am I going to make this work? Will there be shade? Will I find even light? I was SO nervous. Of course I didn't let my couple know this...

Sarah & Jared showed up right on time and SO prepared. They coordinated the cutest outfits and even brought something very meaningful for the end of our session.

We walked down to our location and I immediately had an overwhelming feeling that this session was going to be extraordinary. We started in the most beautiful cave. The waves were crashing up behind us and Sarah & Jared were so relaxed. You would have thought they had done this 100x before. The location was beautiful. More beautiful than I could have hoped for. They made posing so easy for me. Every which way I would pose them, they just fell right into the next pose. Almost as they knew exactly what I was going to ask of them. You guys, this was literally the session you dream of having. It was THAT good!

As we came to the end of our session Sarah and Jared had one last outfit request. They brought with them 2 t-shirts and their country boots. Both lovers of country music. Their t-shirts read... "Hate won't stop us from doing what we love. Country music is healing. Las Vegas 10/1/17"

These 2 beautiful souls found themselves in the midst of the horrific attacks last month in Vegas. There is so much I want to say but I think I will leave it at this... I am so thankful Sarah and Jared were protected. I am so thankful they stayed safe, got out when they did and helped those they did along the way. Friends like these two are far and few in between. Although life gets busy and we don't see each as much as we would like to, I am forever grateful to have spent this Saturday with the two of you.

Reach out to those friends you haven't seen in a long time. Check in on one another. Lend a helping hand.



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